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Top Five Reasons to Travel Solo

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Travel Solo
Hello, my name is Alaina.
Hi Alaina.
… and I don’t like to travel with other people.
Phew! I’m so glad I got that off of my chest. As I travel around the country and around the world, I’ve realized that I receive so much more joy traveling solo than with anyone else. Of course, I’m not against traveling with someone, but it’s my personal preference to be by myself. When I tell my friends that I’m traveling alone, I usually get one of three responses…
1. How brave! I could NEVER do that.
        Yes. Yes you could.
2. No way! Is that even safe?
        Yes… As long as you take the right precautions.
3. Ummm… That’s weird, isn’t it?
        ~rolling my eyes~
This usually leads to a conversation where I have to defend myself and my choices. There are the 5 reasons why I prefer to travel with just me, myself, and I.

by Alaina-