This is an old picture from college but hey. I look good!

Hello There!

My name is Alaina and I am a twenty something living in downtown Detroit. When I graduated college and moved to Detroit, I was in for a rude awakening. During my childhood and young adulthood, I was sheltered in a small, midwestern town and only exposed to a mini part of the world. Although my Polish heritage was in the forefront of my childhood, I always felt like a part of me was missing. Enter: Pumps and Pineapples. I created this blog to chronicle my past, present, and future travels. Come with me on my fabulous, and not so fabulous travels around the world. Follow me as I experience different cultures and lush terrain with some misadventures along the way.

Most Recent Trip: Kansas City, Missouri

Upcoming Trip: London, England (November 10-16)

If you have any questions about me, my blog, living in Detroit, or anything at all, please reach out to me at alaina@pumpsandpineapples.com