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by Alaina-

Happy Tuesday/July 4th! I hope you are having the best day today, and if you’re not, just buy some makeup, okay? Because that’s what I do when I am having a bad day (it’s also why I’m in debt so feel free to take this advise with a massive grain of sea salt).

I recently went on a Glossier bender on Youtube… In the past few weeks I’ve probably watched about 25 Glossier hauls/tutorials/reviews/etc and I just COULDN’T STAND IT ANYMORE. I picked up quite a few items from their online store and I wanted to share my faves, because ladies, they are a game changer. P.S. Want 20% off your first order? Click it!


The Boy Brow


Ladies and gents, I am an eyebrow person. Even before they became everyone’s obsession, I can remember my mother commenting on eyebrows when I was in grade school. “Oh, no honey, she has terrible eyebrows.” She instilled the fear of God in my to NEVER over pluck them (lol like I listened), but she also helped me realized how important they are for framing your shape and helping you look composed AF.

That being said, I have tried damn near everything for your brows, from drug store, to high end, to holy-shit-why-did-i-spend-$80-on-an-eyebrow-pencil. My daily eyebrow routine consists of 3 products MINIMUM. I know. I’m extra. But the Boy Brow is a TOTAL game changer. It reminds me of the Benefit Gimme Brow because of the product itself and the itty-bitty wand, but the biggest difference with this is that the product doesn’t make your eyebrow hairs feel crunchy. I have it on right now, and I can rub my hand along my brow and they feel SOFT + the product stays put. You can wear this on its own for a no-makeup makeup day, but I’ve been wearing it by filling in the brow after framing and shaping with the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Finish off with your favorite eye brow gel to keep everything in place.


Birthday Balm Dotcom

I have this weird obsession with Christina Tosi. I love her snarky comments on Masterchef and her fashion (plus, how cute is her hair?) but at the end of the day, it’s the Momofuku Milk Bar that has my heart. I’m a HUGE baker – I even have a whisk tattoo – and the super creative flavors and interest ingredients of the Milk Bar Bakery is just completely inspirational. As soon as I saw a product on Glossier’s website that was inspired by Milk Bar, it was a no brainer that I was going to put it in my cart.

The Balm Dotcom product is a salve. It’s hydrating, super long lasting, and THICK. I’m not a balm/salve person myself, but this has made me into a believer. The Birthday flavor has the exact scent of the famous Milk Bar Birthday Cake and a subtle shimmer, that almost has a duochrome pink shift. You can wear it alone on your lips or add it on top of a liquid lip to add some hydration and a beautiful sheen. I’ve also used it on my eyes and on the top of my cheek bones for the wearable editorial “wet look.” Disclaimer – I don’t know if it’s eye safe, but you only live once, so I’ll take my chances.


Cloud Paint

I HATE cream blush. Detest it. LOATHE IT. If you have acne or acne scars, blush can be your enemy, especially if it requires blending.Picture this: you have some serious acne scars – because puberty is a b – and you finally get everything covered up with some serious primer, green concealer, heavy duty foundation, and magic.And then you decide that HEY! I want a natural glow so I’ll use some creamy blush. You blend blend blend and all your foundation is rubbed off. If this is you, TRY CLOUD PAINT.

You only need the littlest bit and it blends like a dream. Since you can blend it with your fingers, it doesn’t move the foundation underneath, so even us acne-d girls can enjoy a good blush. My favorite shade is Haze. It’s a rosy hue that couldn’t make you look more healthy. On a day where I want to look sexy and undone, but not like I tried too hard (but I want to try really hard), I put this on my cheeks and put a little on the center of my lips as well. It gives you the vibe that you just had a red popsicle.


What’s your fave product?! Let me know in the comments and I’ll pick it up!


NOTE: This post is not sponsored, but Glossier, you can hit me up ANYTIME, bby.


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  1. Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    I MUST try the Boy Brow! I’m always on the hunt for another great brow product and this one sounds phenomenal!

    11 . Jul . 2017

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