The Generator Hostel: A Review

by Alaina-

I spent a week in the amazing city of London and stayed at a hostel. As this was my first time in a hostel, I wanted to share my experience! Here is a review of the hostel that I stayed at: Generator.

The Good

Amazing location: The Generator Hostel in London is in great part of town. It’s a few minutes away from the hip Camden area and only a few blocks away from Kings Cross/St. Pancreas + Euston Station, so even if there isn’t much in the area that you fancy, a public transportation hub is only a few minutes away. There are great cafes and restaurants within walking distance as well. Plus, if you have a few too many drinks at the hostel bar, McDonalds is only about 7 minutes away ?
Atmosphere: While reading reviews of this hostel before booking, one review stood out to me. A reviewer stated that the Generator was a “slick” hotel. I’m not sure why I’m so inclined to trust the word “slick,” but I’m glad I did. The artwork is cheeky and geometric: truly the epitome of “hipster” but it’s definitely not a bad thing. There is also a distinct party atmosphere as well. With the in-house bar (I’ll get to that in a moment) and all of the community spaces that encourage interaction, the young crowd that this hostel attracts breeds fun. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing place today, please steer clear, but if you’re looking for an energizing hostel that will encourage you to have fun, please do yourself a favor and stay here. I am horribly awkward and socially inept, but literally within an hour of staying here, I made several friends and plans to explore the city together. The fun atmosphere helped this happen, specially for this solo traveler.
Bar: I didn’t expect this to be one of my favorite parts of my stay (I’m not a big drinker), but I absolutely loved the way that this brought together the entire hostel. This is one, if not the only, bar open until 3AM on weekdays in the area, so for young travelers, it’s super convenient and safe to have this where you are staying. The drinks aren’t super cheap, but honestly not that bad, and there are ALWAYS people there. The karaoke is a fun touch and the DJ that was there when I stayed, was surprisingly great! My roommates and I hung out here on a Monday night, and it was bumping like a Saturday.

The Bad


Rooms: I stayed in a larger “dorm” style with 8 bunks, so take this portion of the review with a grain of salt. I was lucky in the sense that 80% of my roommates were completely fine, but I had a very, very, very, very, very loud snorer in my room. Of course, that’s not the hostel’s fault, but I wish that they would include ear plugs in the larger rooms. I think that would be a nice, and cheap, touch to make the larger dorms a little nicer. Our window wouldn’t stay shut, and we were very close to the pipes so anytime someone would turn on the sink or flush a nearby toilet, the room would almost shake with noise. You are given one pillow and a very thin comforter/duvet. The room was very cold with really no way to change the temperature, so another sheet would have been nice as well.
Noise Level: As I previously stated, this is not a calm, quiet place today – the social atmosphere is abundant. The staff tries to combat this by creating areas where one can party and then tries to police quieter areas in the evening, but of course in reality, that doesn’t always work.
Final Thoughts: Although the beds were uncomfortable and the rooms left a lot to be desired, I will 100% stay in a Generator hostel the next time I’m in Europe. I’m very introverted and tend to do things alone (hello, solo-travel), but I truly met the BEST people here, and I think that’s due to the atmosphere. Plus, the bar (open until 3AM every day) didn’t hurt either. Next time, I’ll bunk in a smaller room, but overall, I couldn’t have had a better experience.

(Please note: I am not affiliated with this hostel and was not asked or paid to do a review. I truly had a great time and wanted to share my experiences with you all!)
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I’m a twenty something living in the heart of Detroit. I have an absurd fear of wasting my life away, so come with me as I travel the world and my own backyard.

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  1. Noelle

    I’ve stayed in the Generator Hostel in Copenhagen (same company) and liked it as well – I would say ‘slick’ was a good word for it. Definitely bring ear plugs for hostels… its so necessary when you have people who come in at all hours!!

    30 . Nov . 2016
    • Alaina

      Definitely! I was lucky that even though I had a massive dorm style room, we all went to bed around the same time… just the SNORING was awful!

      04 . Dec . 2016
  2. mydk

    This is the heart of old town Copenhagen, with itsblend of charming old buildings and bold newarchitecture, broad avenues and tiny streets as wellas picturesque canals and a modern harbor.

    06 . Jun . 2017

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