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by Alaina-
I know you know the feeling. Sometimes life seems to blow up in your face. It happened. I left blogging for a quick sec to recoup, and I’m back and ready to rumble!
1. It can be cheaper!
Butter Beer

Dining. Rental cars. Flying. These are all things that can potentially be cheaper when you fly solo. Some restaurants tack on an automatic gratuity for certain party sizes, so as a solo traveler, you can pretty much guarantee that this won’t happen. You also tend to get seated quicker! If you’re the only one using a rental car, you don’t have to worry about adding extra fees for other drivers. I’ve found some crazy stupid low prices on single seats! I can sit where I want and not have to worry about sitting close to my travel mates, which can save money in seat reservations.


2. Easier to plan

Hogwarts Express




I think this is my only child coming out, but it’s just so much easier to plan the things that you want to do. When I travel solo, I’m able to plan exactly what I want to do, how to get there, and how much to spend. I don’t have to do the things that my travel companions don’t want to do and can decide to scrap all of my plans if I want to. Of course, traveling with friends and family can be amazing! But sometimes you just want to be on your own schedule and do what you want to do.


3. Less Stressful

Grimmauld Place


The Knight Bus

There is something so stressful about traveling. Am I forgetting to pack something? What about those luggage fees? What time do I need to get to the airport to part, go through security, and find a McDonalds? I HATE that. When you travel solo, these questions don’t go away, but you don’t have to stress more about working with someone else’s schedule.


4. Can force you to be social





This one is a biggie for me. I am a huge introvert… Even though I have a job as a communicator and I’m talking on the phone pretty much all day, when I get a moment to myself, all I want to do is be by myself. Netflix and chill is only reserved for my cats. However, I wish I was an extrovert. My mother is the definition of an extrovert; she can literally go to Burger King and make a new BFF waiting in line. When I travel, I’m forced to meet people. Whether that’s in the airport, a hostel, or on the street asking for directions, this pushes me out of my comfort to get even more adventure out of my trip and meat some dope people along the way,


5. More time for fun!

Fall Vibes

Perhaps a bit petty, but I love, love, LOVE going to tourist attractions and amusement parks as a solo travel. As a single diner or ride-rider, you usually get to skip near the front of the line or served first because they want to move you through as quickly as possible. When I went on the Hogwarts Express Ride, they had a specific queue for solo riders. There were only a few of us, so we got on right away and because instant buddies!

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I’m a twenty something living in the heart of Detroit. I have an absurd fear of wasting my life away, so come with me as I travel the world and my own backyard.

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