Top 12 Favorite Travel Blogs!

by Alaina-

Hey Nadine – This girl has it all. She’s an amazing travel videographer, a dope photography, and just has the best personality. She’s the type of girl I just want to be best friends with. Like any great travel blogger, she posts regularly and has unique travel experiences that are a joy to read. I love that she has an active YouTube account as well.

Alex in Wanderland – Easily one of the best writers that I follow. She tends to have longer travel posts with her experiences around the world, and from the first words, I’m engaged. I also love her photography style as well.

Along Dusty Roads – Even before I started out my travel blog, I followed Along Dusty Roads JUST for their photography. They describe themselves as the epitome of slow travel, and I can see why. Their posts are lush, well paced, and I want to travel through Latin America with them.

The Blonde Abroad – One of the most well known female travel bloggers out there, The Blonde Abroad focuses on beautiful destinations with a luxurious touch. The thing I love most about her site is that even though she has GOD KNOWS how many subscribers, she still responds to almost every single comment on her site. I’m all about that.

I am Aileen – Like Alex in Wonderland, I love Aileen’s ability to tell a story in her writing and photography. Her site is unique in the way that she doesn’t write about the same ol’ same ol’ in the places that she visits. For example, one of the most unique articles that I’ve ever read is about an American Geisha. Please check her out!

Lauren on Location – I found out about Lauren’s blog through Pinterest and spent the next hour on her site. Her posts about food are literally drool worthy and she definitely has a unique travel blogger persona. I absolutely love her site.

Hopscotch the Globe – First of all, Kristin has one of the best senses of humor in the world. For real, for real. I followed her on YouTube for the longest time before realizing that she had a blog, and down the rabbit hole I went… reading every post and feeling as if I were a small part of their journeys.

The City Sidewalks – This is a new fave for me, but I love her mix of bomb photography, super writing, and blogging tips and tricks. I feel like every time I hop on to her site, I learn some new place I want to go and something new to grow my blog.

Living in Another Language –  The first thing I notice when heading to this website is the beautiful user interface. I mean, come on. When you essentially live on the internet, you want a site that’s pretty and functional and this fits the bill.

Girl vs Globe – She is one of those bloggers that somehow can fit in the travel blogger, foodie, and journalist scenes all at once. Take one look at her insta, and you’ll fall hard for her site. Read one of her articles and you’ll be in love forever 😉

The Blog Abroad – First thing is first, I LOVE her writing style. Her humor shines through with ever post, and just sticks with me. She also writes about the dark side of traveling, like her newest post on “The Price of Living the Dream” and her experience on traveling as a beautiful woman of color.

A Backpack Full of Adventures – Last but not least, this is my go to site when I want to travel to a new place, but I don’t know where to start. I love her list articles about exploring new places and her nature photography.

Let’s Chat! Let me know in the comments: Who is your fave blogger? Spill! I always want to add more faves to my list.
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I’m a twenty something living in the heart of Detroit. I have an absurd fear of wasting my life away, so come with me as I travel the world and my own backyard.

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  1. Karlie

    I follow most of these blogs, too! Living in Another Language was the one that got me started on the rest, because I was moving to South Korea at the time, and she had the most information on it.


    06 . Sep . 2016
    • Alaina

      Yes! That’s why I started following her as well because I want my next big trip to be to South Korea. I also love your blog as well! xx Alaina

      06 . Sep . 2016
  2. Abby

    OMG I absolutely LOVE Hey Nadine! She was one of the first travel bloggers I ever started following. I love how lovably awkward she is and her travel vids are dope.

    x Abby

    07 . Sep . 2016

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